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FF:VII Advent Children Rating

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ac_shadow members, I need your opinions! [15 Sep 2009|04:35am]

It looks like the Photobucket account the original owner set up has gone inactive, and so our badges are gone. :( In the event that I can't get it fixed, would anyone be interested in me recreating the community?

Since I don't have the power to edit the profile and such, I can't fix things like that right now. I do have access to the separate journal where the stamped list is, however (yay!).

If I did make a new community to make things easier to edit, I would be interested in adding one or two other members with moderator status to help prevent the community from becoming dead for a long time since I don't check in as often as I used to.

Activity has fallen off here, we've got a handful of members who have been waiting ages to be stamped. Would a new community help bring you all back?

We would also need new badge images if I can't get in touch with the original owner if anyone is interested in making some.

In short, do you want me to make a new community so I can spruce things up a bit?

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This FF fan reunion sure seem nice... [08 Sep 2009|07:29pm]

Application under LJ cutCollapse )

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The Reunion Yo~! [14 Jul 2009|02:13am]

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Looking At you Is Making Me Sober!Collapse )

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Stamping Mod Post [15 Aug 2008|11:45pm]

Hello everyone~

I apologize for my long absence. As somewhat official stamping mod, I will be going through all entries since my last update in order to stamp and add all members to the Stamped List. Some of you may have been stamped already, and that is fine since I know I was gone for a long time. But you all need to be added to the list. (Yay~!) :) It'll take me a little bit to go through the old entries, but I wanted to let you know that I will do so.

As you can tell from the community info, I was never added as an "official" Moderator or Maintainer for this community. I have not heard from the owner in some time, but I do still have access to the list account, so that part can be updated. However, since I am not on the Maintainer list, I can't edit this community at all. :(

It's not really my call as to whether or not the community should be remade, but since the only Maintainer account hasn't been updated since 2007, I think it might be better for the community. I know that I am having trouble keeping up with my stamping duties since I am not on Livejournal nearly as much these days as when I signed up for this.

I would also like to thank contingence for helping to keep this community alive in the absence of the mods. :) It was very kind of you to take the time to do so and it really promotes the friendly community spirit that should bring members together.

I think that's about all at the moment, but if you have any questions, please do post here.

Nearly everyone has now been added to the Stamped List: here.

There are still two applications that need more votes though, so please take a look: here and here. Thank you!

~ dragonspeaker

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Restamp my reunion. [05 Aug 2008|09:01pm]

Yes, this is a restamp. I have changed my hairstyle, and as that seemed to majorly influence the votes last time, I've posted again.Collapse )

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My Reunion. [28 Jul 2008|11:17am]

Here I amCollapse )

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Afflilate? [27 Jul 2008|02:34pm]

seventwin is a Final Fantasy VII Compilation Rating with a separate application for personality and looks. I couldn't find any Final Fantasy VII rating communities (for personality) that were still being maintained and I thought there should be one. :]

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La Réunion [20 Jul 2008|05:45pm]

[ mood | lol ]

>.<" cant find anything to rate!!

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[07 Jul 2008|01:38am]
Please take the time to vote on this app.

Thank you!

What do you see?

[21 Jun 2008|04:09am]
Those of you still watching, please direct your votes to our most recent app here.

Thank you.

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The reunion. [18 Jun 2008|05:25pm]

ApplicationCollapse )

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[03 Jun 2008|02:54am]
It's good to see some of you guys still out there. If we can get some activity back into this place, I might just remake the community so I can actually access stuff. That said... let's see if we can get some votes on the apps:

Here, here and here.

Thanks, guys.

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A reunion... could be interesting. [02 Jun 2008|11:34am]

I attempted a couple of smiling shots... possibly not the best idea.Collapse )

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Reunion? Say what. [25 May 2008|12:18am]
I know this place is basically dead but I'm putting my application up anyway, since some people are still voting and I'm curious.

EDIT: So obviously I'm not THE mod, but I'm A mod from other comms and I went back and stamped folks anyway. Both of the mods running this place seemed to have vanished so I don't think anyone's going to complain.

So who do you think I look like?Collapse )

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Reunions are better when nobody shows up [24 Mar 2008|06:54pm]


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i heard you mentioning a "reunion"....theheheee [07 Dec 2007|11:11pm]

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Reunion? What reunion? [29 Nov 2007|08:35pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Moo (REAPPLY)Collapse )

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Ah reunions,how I hate them... [19 Nov 2007|08:30pm]

please and thanksCollapse )

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Some stupid reunion, I think. :| [18 Nov 2007|07:58pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Well, here goes.Collapse )

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Stamping Modly Postage [16 Nov 2007|04:29pm]

All right, after a long while without stamping, there has been much stamping today! Huzzah!

Two applications could use a little more voting to really decide who they are, so please go vote on them:

theycallmebacon and graveofdreams

Thanks for voting, everyone! They've been stamped! =D

If you are not one of the two applicants listed above, but you still need to be stamped, please post here and I will allow you to have your way with either Cloud or Sephiroth. Or both. I will either stamp you or list you here for more votes. <3

Much love,


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